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DS2800 : Desert Springs Drum Humidifier, 2800sqft

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Desert Springs Drum Style Humidifier. The DS2800 is a proven and economical drum humidifier. The unit is easy to install and comes complete with all parts needed to complete the job, including humidistat control and plug-in transformer. The DS2800 comes with water overflow protection device. The disposable evaporate pad is changed once or twice per season depending on water quality and usage. Drum humidifiers are inherently water-efficient.

Product Specifications

  Water-Saver: Yes
  Weight: 10lbs
  Drain Requirement: No
  Water Connection: 0.25" OD
  Pulse Control: n/a
  Solenoid: n/a
  Motor: 4W, 1.2 RPM
  Electrical Supply: 24 VAC / 60H
  Evaporative Surface: 1.4 sq ft
  Unit Dimensions: 12.25" x 11.5" x 10"
  Duct Opening W x H: 7-3/4" x 8"
  By-Pass Duct: 6" x 30"
  Nom. Capacity: 12 GPD 1.9 litres/hr
  Sizing: 2800 sq ft

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