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4516-10 : Oatey Dearborn True Blue Overflow Faceplate, Chrome

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Key Features

  • Oatey Dearborn True Blue Overflow Faceplate
  • Reusable test plugs install with a ¼ turn.
  • Screw-less overflow faceplate installs by hand tightening.
  • Locking drain gasket
  • Foamed rubber overflow gasket
  • Pre-assembled components make installation faster and easier

Oatey Dearborn True Blue Overflow Faceplate. Chrome Finish

Press-in trim veneer in designer finish installs simply with overflow test plug. Eliminates the need for additional tools or sealants.
Screw-less face plate is engineered for a high flow rate and multiple tub thicknesses. Installed with a clockwise turn, the symmetrical design eliminates the need for perfect alignment.
Test plugs install with a 1/4 turn and are approved for testing up to 40ft of head. Makes testing fast and reliable.
Foamed rubber overflow gasket provides better compression and memory, creating a better and more reliable seal to prevent leaks.
Locking drain gasket is designed with a softer durometer and will not fall off at tricky angles. Reduces installation frustrations while creating a better seal.
Pre-assembled components make installation quicker, so you can go from box to test faster.

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