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SF-2018 : General Aire Second Wind UVC Air Purifier

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Key Features

  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Light
  • Suitable for up to 1700 Square Feet
  • Lamp Size 18"
  • Plug in 120v

General Aire Second Wind UVC Air Purifier. Second Wind`s 2000 series units are a mainstay of the indoor air quality industry. By combining the highest intensity germicidal ultraviolet light with photo-catalytic oxidation odor (PCO) control, these models provide the safest purified air. Second Wind Air Purifiers use ultraviolet germicidal light and a patented photo-catalytic process to disinfect mold, bacteria, infectious disease and decrease volatile organic compounds in you indoor environment.

Suitable for homes up to 1700 sq feet
Plug in 120v
Lamp Size 18"
Replacement Lamp SF-1076R
Replacement Ballast SF-1060E-R
Lamp replacement every 2 years

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