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FC100 : Rainfresh Whole House or Undersink Filtration System, 5 Micron

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Water supplies often have high levels of sediment and particulates, such as rust, sand, silt, mud, loose scale etc. Sediment is aesthetically undesirable in water and can reduce the life of plumbing fixtures, appliances, pump seals and hot water tanks. Rainfresh FC100 whole house sediment filter reduces sediment giving you clean fresh water throughout the home.

FC100 can be used on any water source, well, lake, river or municipally treated, and is ideal for homes, cottage/cabins, farms, offices, boats or RV. It includes a filter cartridge that reduces sediment as small as 5 micron in size, 8 times smaller than what the eye can see.

Featuring full 3/4" threaded ports, the FC100 system can be installed on 3/4" or 1/2" copper or PEX pipe, after the water meter or pressure tank, depending on the water supply.

Easy filter cartridge replacement - No Wrench Required
Pressure release valve
3/4" inlet outlet ports
Transparent sumps - See your filter working!

Connector Kit Not Included

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