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BP25 : Rainfresh High-Flow Sediment Filter Cartridge, 25 Micron

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Rainfresh BP series sediment filter cartridges are specifically designed for high-flow dirt removal applications such as high-flow UV pre-filtration, Point of Entry (POE) filtration, etc. They remove dirt, rust, sand, silt and other particulate matter from water. BP series filter cartridges are manufactured using 100% food-grade polypropylene that does not impart any taste or odour to the water and is resistant to microbial attack.

25 Micron Rating
4-5/8" x 10"
Maximum Flow Rate: 20 GPM
Made up of premium grade polypropylene.
Highly effective in reduction of particles at rated micron size.
Universal Fit – Fits Rainfresh, Big Blue & other high-flow filter housings
Large surface area and over 1” bed depth.
Resistant to media migration even under high differential pressure.

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